Brief History

Rumour has it that ATATÜRK had come to Uludağ in a summer time of 1930s and while eating meal at the place where Büyük Hotel is in, says: "Construct a hotel here!" by these foreseeing words proving Uludağ Mountain's future, the Büyük Hotel and Skiing House are builded up.
In 1948, when I have went in early days of winter, people used to make parties around the barrel stoves at Büyük Hotel & Skiing House where lacking radiators at Uludağ Mountain; and they were sleeping in freezing rooms. As the time passed by, Beceren's Odun Palas and Mine Hotel, İffet Hanım's Odun Palas', Fahri's Kirazlıyayla were moved to Uludağ. Deceased Ender Alkoçlar had started building up hotels; and in the New Year night of 1971, ULUKARDEŞLER HOTEL's construction that had been started in June 1970 was partially finished and the opening of ULUKARDEŞLER HOTEL.......
We are conveying our regards and gratitude feelings to whom upholded us as consciousness of our customers' vast indulgence.

Ferruh Ulukardesler


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